22 Pet-Peeves That Can Cause Suicidal Fantasies

21 Pet-Peeves That Can Cause Suicidal Fantasies

Pet-Peeves That Annoy the Crap Out of Us

Pet peeves – those little irritations that get under your skin and we just can’t ignore them, no matter how hard we try. Not only do we hate these things, but we love to bond over how much we hate them. Hey, people can be annoying sometimes! Okay!

However,  there are a few  universal pet peeves that a lot of people get annoyed by. From the mildly insensitive to the downright infuriating— I think we can all agree they’re the absolute worst.

If you are looking for something light hearted, here is a list of 18 pet peeves that you can perhaps relate to.

#1 Personal Space Please
Please don’t stand so close to me in the Queue at the checkout – because I really don’t want to smell what you had for supper last night! Gees. SPACE PLEASE, At least an arms length would be nice. Thank you.

If I’m meeting you for the first time and offer my hand, don’t respond with “Oh, I’m a hugger!” There is a reason I’m giving you my hand. Hello?

If I’m on a plane, don’t make me have to squish myself against the window to avoid touching your arm or any of your body parts.  You are clearly invading my space.

#2 Don’t Make me late
You knew what time we had to be there, you knew what time we had to leave. Get up earlier and get your shit together!! Don’t decide 5 minutes before we have to leave that you now need to go the toilet and have a quick bite to eat and take your vitamins because we all know that will not take you 5 minutes.

#3 Chewing Loudly
When you bite into chip (crisp), make sure that the chip is actually in your mouth before you start chewing in my ear. Oh my word! Hearing that crunch, crunch throughout the movie drives me insane! Put the chip in your mouth, then close your mouth, please, then , by all means proceed to chew. Chewing with your mouth open is just not cool man! and chew softly also please.

#4 Having to repeat myself multiple times.
The moments over- move on. I can’t deal.

#5 Stop talking so loud on your cell phone!
We all don’t need to hear about the latest developments on the project at work.  Walk away.  Its unnecessary!

#6 The slow – zig-zag walkers
People, we all have somewhere to be. Can we just walk a LITTLE faster please.
Or the person in front of you is walking at snail’s pace. You go left, they go left, you go right, they go right! for fucks sake, where do you want be??

#7 The over-posters
We know you are working at a job like most people. Stop posting shit about how busy you are- damn! We all work!!  We all get up early. We all do alot of shit every day! You were hired to do that shit- so stop posting things about what you are doing at work.  It’s your job dammit! You got hired to do that shit.

#8 Slow Internet
Slow connection + Buffering = Suffering. Enough said.

#9 Sneaky Line drifters
Those elderly people (I love old people by the way) who drift in front of you in line and then pretend they don’t see you and you feel bad because they’re old… I’m convinced they know exactly what they’re doing and play the pension card to their advantage.

#10 Face glued to the screen
Personally, this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I cannot stand when I’m talking to someone and they’re neck deep into their phone screen. It’s so annoying. Hello… I’m talking to you, in the physical!!!

#11 People who eat food off my plate without asking first.
C’mon man.. where’s your manners?

#12 People who say “No offense”
If you have to say “no-offense” then it means what your gonna say is probably going to offend me.  Usually goes something like this, ” No offense, but…..”

#13 The Endless Selfie-Person 
Self-expression,  is great and all that, but please stop taking selfies of you in the lift, in the mirror, or at the gym. Take a photo of a tree or something. I followed you because I liked you now i’m just going to unfollow you because the non-stop selfies is just too much! and crap annoying in my fee.

#14 People who just don’t pick shit up
These people will see a sock lying on the living room floor. They will walk next to it, over it and beside but won’t just pick it up.

#15 Pushy salespeople
I need some breathing room people. Sales people who follow me through the store, behind me like a shadow, on my neck like a leech!  “I’ll let you know if I need your help, Thank you. ” stop following me! Im beginning to feel like a criminal.

#16 Double dipping
It’s just wrong! It’s unhygienic and not cool.

# 17 Messy eaters
It grosses me out when people eat and they always have food and sauce stuck to the edge of their mouth. It makes me lose my appetite.

#18 Bad table manners
Caveman manners are a gigantic turnoff! So don’t reach over me and my plate to get that dish – ask and I will gladly pass it to to!
Also – have the courtesy of waiting for everyone to be seated before you devour all the rolls on the table.
And please- don’t take personal or business calls at the table. Excuse yourself. The rest of us are in the middle of a conversation.

#19 People that interrupt
This one always gets my goat: people who interrupt me in mid-sentence or mid story with some inane, totally unrelated thought, then continue to tell you their story and then ask you in an uninterested tone to continue on with your story when they are finished talking.

#20 Looking Over Your Shoulder
People who look over your shoulder as you read or write.

#21 The Toothpick 
There is a certain etiquette to using a toothpick at a table and that means – avoid at all costs if you can. Tooth picking should be your little secret. Seriously – go to the bathroom and pick a away! No one is asking you to live with that tiny piece of steak wedged between your teeth  indefinitely- but just excuse yourself from the table- that’s all im saying.

#22 Slow People
Slow people in general are just annoying to watch. People who walk slow, people who get off chair slow, people who get out if bed slow, people who turn slow, people who talk slow,  people who drive slow and people who are slow to react is painful.

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