How To Stop Being Lazy- 10 Epic Tips

How to stop being lazy requires really simple tweaks to your daily routine for starters.

What you will discover is that being lazy is a mindset adjustment.

You’re lying in bed and you come to the brutal realisation that your biggest problem is that you’re a procrastinator and just plain lazy.  You lack the motivation, and that includes getting out of bed. You feel useless, tired, sluggish and your opinion of yourself is pretty damn low.  You think about how many times you put comfort before anything else and yet, you just can’t get yourself to follow through with something you have meaning to do. You overthink, you contemplate, you procrastinate and eventually talk yourself out of it.

Sound familiar?

Then there are days, usually Mondays – where you feel this sudden urge to get moving, to get going and do that thing you’ve been putting off, and within a few days, you lose your motivation again. You think to yourself that discipline is hard and you fall back into the same routine of what feels comfortable.

It’s incredibly hard when you’re not motivated. You want to want to do something, but you don’t really want to do it.

Laziness precipitates laziness, but how do you to break the cycle?

Browsing through a few Reddit threads I pulled out a few of the most uncomplicated yet super effective methods to set yourself on a path toward greater productivity.

These are not mind-blowing life changing overhauls, instead they are really simple tweaks and adjustments to your daily routine and shifts in mindset that will get you going. These were my favourites;

Take a cold shower to build up willpower.
This is a bit more of a wacky one, but consider starting to take cold showers for the benefit of building up your will power.  ( Have a look at the Wim Hof method of cold therapy) Cold showers are an exercise of willpower, and I’m not exaggerating when I say the following: Willpower is the most important trait you can develop in your entire life.

Willpower is the key to EVERYTHING. Anything you want to achieve or accomplish in life, willpower is the answer. Willpower is how you quit cigarettes, control your temper, eat healthier, get more sleep, earn more money, have a better body, be a nicer person, and live a better life.

Here’s the good news — you can achieve all of the above in just one minute a day.

Before you step out of the shower, do yourself a favour. Turn the nozzle to cold and stand your ground for one minute. Yes, it will be uncomfortable; that’s the point. Discomfort is necessary to achieve results! One minute of discomfort a day for a lifetime of benefits. Not a bad trade off.

Change negative thoughts into positive thoughts .
Shifting the way you think can have a profound positive impact in your daily life. Don’t say “I have to go the gym”, say “I get to go to the gym or change. Change “I’ve never done it before” into ” It’s an opportunity to learn something new.”

Make your self-talk work for you, not against you.

Follow the ‘two-minute rule.’
How to stop procrastinating – use the 2 minute rule.  “If it takes less than two minutes, just do it.” That might include washing your dirty breakfast bowl or picking your laundry up off the floor.

Get a workout buddy or join a group
For example, If you schedule time at the gym with a friend, you’ll have more motivation to actually get up and meet that person on time. Think of your gym buddy as an accountability coach. If someone is waiting for you, you are more likely to stick to the plan than if you were alone.

Imagine yourself in the future looking back on your life
Are seriously going to remember sleeping till midday every weekend and watching Netlfix? No! but you will remember the gruelling hours you put in towards earning an advanced degree or the hours you spent training towards completing the iron man.  Imagine yourself at the end of your life. You’re lying in bed, surrounded by your loved ones. With only a few short hours left to live, it’s time to look back on your life. Are you satisfied with how you lived? Or do you wish you could start over, doing things a little differently this time.

Do something every single day. Do anything that will get you away from your desk, your bed or your sofa. Whether it be walking for 20 minutes, a few sit-ups in your room, following a yoga tutorial in your lounge, or running outside with the kids, or taking the dog for a walk. This is crucial to encourage change. Do one thing active. That’s it.

Change the what you eat
Along with taking your cold shower to build your willpower, kick the junk food to the curb. That includes, chips, pizza, pasta and chocolates. The types of food you eat affects your energy levels point blank period.

If you’re always eating junk food and you’re not doing any physical exercise then your energy level will significantly drop which has a ripple effect on how you feel physically and also, you’ll be more unwilling to do anything because you don’t have any energy to do it – which then affects your mood, when when you’re in a shitty mood, you feel shit about yourself. Your confidence drops  along with your self-esteem. Replace junk food with fruits and vegetables in every meal. You’ll feel more energised.

Learn mindfulness
Mindfulness (your ability to to be fully aware of what you are doing- being present)  is an antidote to laziness because when you are mindful, you can identify your tendency to procrastinate and make a conscious choice about either doing something or not doing something. When you’re being mindful, you are able to observe the excuses that pop up in your head and recognize them as simply being passing thoughts

Feed your mind with the right ideas
If you don’t watch what you let into your mind – negative thoughts from yourself or from others – then you are allowing weeds to grow and to spread. One of the most important lessons Tony’s mentor, Jim Rohn, ever taught was to “stand guard at the door of your mind.”

Feed your mind with success. Just like a strong body needs the right nutrients to achieve peak condition, you need the right information and intake to achieve maximum success in any area of life. Whatever your fix is, whether it’s listening to motivational speeches, reading inspirational stories, reading biographies of successful people, self-help guides, inspirational podcasts or watching a motivational documentary.

Feed your mind with fuel that will help you get motivated, recharge your spirit, boost your mood

Identify the actual cause of your laziness.
After isolating the most possible cause of you shirking your responsibilities, it’s time to address the issue.

If you are uninspired, perhaps it’s time to change your daily routine or what your’re working on.

Tired? Allow yourself to have some down time. Whatever the root cause is of your laziness, if you are able to address it directly, you may be able to get some more motivation to do your work.

There are various reasons why people become lazy, but there are practical ways to overcome it.

You don’t need to make extreme change in your life to overcome laziness. 

Instead, I recommend picking just one of the ten creative and super easy tips and focus on that for the next few weeks.

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