Mindful Meditation To Reduce Anxiety

Mindful Meditation

This is a mindfulness meditation with Josh Wise. This meditation will help you connect with your breath. Relax. Let go of stress. Release anxiety. Allow yourself to relax. Simply breathe and watch your breath. Notice what it feels like. No need to change anything or do anything. Simply accept this moment just as it is. Enjoy.

Mindfulness practice provides us with the tools required to observe the true nature of our present moment reality, helping us to gain clarity that puts anxiety in a new light. Embracing mindfulness promotes healthy management of anxiety in the following ways.

Developing a mindful mindset

In order to use mindfulness to help manage anxious feelings as they arise, we need to develop a mindful mindset. Practice is the best way to enhance a mindful mind, but there are a few tips we can keep in mind to begin with.

Release the pursuit of perfection

Aiming for perfection is a lost cause when it comes to maintaining a mindful mindset because perfection doesn’t exist in this practice. Since mindfulness is not about viewing certain experiences as ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ it’s important that we let go of our desire to achieve perfection in our practice.

Practice non-judgment of your experience

When developing a mindfulness practice to help manage feelings of anxiety, practicing non-judgment is paramount. It is a foundation of mindfulness and it helps us to open up to whatever our experience is. Rather than denying, invalidating, or pushing aside any feelings, we allow ourselves to come face to face with them. We give them space to breathe so that they can then be released.

Guide the mind into the heart space

We can enhance our mindfulness practice by drawing our attention to the heart anytime our thoughts take off on a tangent or an old, familiar loop. By moving our attention towards the heart space, we open up our capacity for honest and compassionate observation of whatever passes through us.

Taking a moment out to observe your thoughts (without judgment), can help you to feel more present and grounded throughout your day. Often anxiety is a result of worrying about future events and circumstances, therefore bringing yourself back to the present moment can help to decrease feelings of anxiety

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