Self Improvement Resources To HelpYOU EXCEL IN LIFE

If you want to know my top recommendations for books, podcasts, and products to uplevel your mind and life, you’ll find the answers here!

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Self Tests

Mental Health Assessment15 – 20 minutes

Bipolar Depression Test – 5 minutes

Big Five Personality Test – 25 minutes

Self-Esteem Test – 15 minutes

Creative Problem Solving Test – 10 minutes

Stress Triggers Test – 5 minutes

Procrastination Test – 5 minutes

Personality Test – 5-10 minutes


Jay Shetty: Storyteller, podcaster & former monk

GaryVee: Public speaker, a 5-time New York Times bestselling author

Good Life Project: Powerful messages of hope and happiness

Oprah’s SuperSoul: Life changing conversations with world leaders

Lead to win: Learn the secrets to a successful life

Gretchen Rubin: Delivers simple tips to help you live a happier life

Discover Your Brand Quiz

Discover Your Brand Personality: Which Brand Archetype are you? 

The Brand Starter Kit: Discover YOUR unique brand vibe

What is your innate brand advantage? Discover your unique strengths 

What’s your brand Visual Style? Get a personalized Visual Brand Style Guide

What’s your brand style? Get clear on your style

What’s your personal brand: 6 types: which one are you?