Why do I feel self-conscious at the gym?

Why do I feel self-conscious at the gym? We’ve all been there before – you pump yourself up before your workout saying that you’re going to give it 150%. You make your way across the gym floor, that self-confidence fades fast as you scan the cardio section only to realise that there is only one open treadmill  jammed between two runners who resembles cheetahs in a full sprint – you look around, trying to be cool under pressure you notice almost every strength machine is taken by sweaty people and the “not so supper setters” who  claim “dibs” on multiple machines.

Feelings of insecurity are sinking in. That awkward, self-conscious feeling of potentially not knowing where to go, where to start or fear of being judged, Feeling like people are looking at you – Like someone once said- Hello Gym Anxiety!  

It’s time to face your fears and have have a screw perfection attitude. To tell you the truth, the more you go to the gym, the more you will realise that people around have absolutely no interest in you or what you look like.  Yes people may glance over and look at you – but I promise you they are not really processing what YOU are doing. They’re all just on auto pilot- trying to get through their own workout. Once you realise that people don’t really care about you, you’ll start to overcome self-consciousness.

The thing is, though, all that angst and worry is completely made up in your head. Everyone there is just like you! Working on themselves.

Don’t let your self-consciousness get in the way of you getting through your planned workout.  If you’ve downloaded your Getting Lean Shred Fat Program,  and you let your self-consciousness get in the way,  you are doing yourself a real disservice.

Remember everyone started somewhere! If you’re unsure of how to use a machine- take your time and look at the pictures on the machine. No pictures? Ask someone – trust me- they will be too happy to assist you! Just do yourself a favour and don’t walk away from a machine just because it looks intermating or you’re scared of what people might think.  No one was born on a glute machine. Be patient with yourself and Screw Perfection.

You don’t need confidence to go the gym. You get confidence by going to the gym.

Ricki Friedman, motivational health coach and founder of Breaktheweight.com, told Elite Daily, “The point of the gym is to get healthier and provide people a space to do so. Just keep reminding yourself of that fact whenever you feel out of place or insecure — you’re actually exactly where you should be.” 

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